Save yourself the headaches.

Low Risk. Big Reward

We set up a professional online store for you. We produce only what you sell, so you'll never have sitting inventory. This gives you the opportunity to design and sell more on a monthly basis.

Simplify Delivery

We can reduce the errors and handle fulfillment while you work on what matters.  It's like ordering from Amazon!

Sell More

We take away all the guess work. Your members can pre-order what they want. This will boost sales, broaden your reach and offer your customers a much more satisfying experience!

How does it work?

We'll Set Up Your Virtual Pop Up Shop

ONE-P Branding Rep will contact you to get mock ups started. Once the mock ups are finalized, we'll have your store ready in 24 hours. Choose a start & end date of store (we recommend 7 days or 10 days) The store will automatically close on the date.


We require 15 pieces sold of each design to fulfill. If a design does not hit the minimum, you can add additional items to meet the minimums or cancel that specific design/order.

After the stores closes, you'll be able to add any additional items to your order.

Ship to Customer

Each order is individually packed & sent off to your customers! We'll cut you a check with the remaining profits from your order.

What do I pay for?


Price of the merch itself.

(Garments + Decoration)

Bagging + Handling

$1.50 per unit

(Service fee for individually packing and shipping each order)


You have the option to have your customers pay for shipping, otherwise you are responsible for paying for shipping.

We recommend that you have your customers pay for shipping so that it doesn't cut in your profits.

3rd Party Shipping

Credit Card Fee's:

2.9% + .30 p/transaction

Frequently Asked Questions

So this is the same as On-Demand Printing, right?
Not quite. Unlike On-Demand, we do not print immediately as every order comes in. You market your items as a "pre-sale", then once the sale ends we bulk print all of the orders that came in and individually pack & ship out the your customers.

What do I need to start?

  • Schedule a call with one of our branding reps by clicking "Get Started" below.
  • Your logo or design for merch - Don't have one? Our Art Department is happy to help for an extra fee.

Can ONE-P create my site for me?

We will create your personal POP UP Shop, specifically for your campaign. Please note that the store will be up for only 7-14 business days, then it will close.

What is the minimum order quantity?

You must sell 15 units per design. If you do not sell 15 units, you will be responsible for paying for the remaining garments.

Are Timed Campaigns a good fit for me?

Suited best for those with team sports, schools, gyms, small businesses of 15+ more employees, existing fan base or social media following - music artists, influencers, streetwear brands, or anything in between. Timed Campaigns are a great way for brands to drop exclusive merch to their fans that are eager to get their hands on it.

What am I responsible for?

Running your store - We handle the production, shipping, and we'll even set up your products in your store. But you are in charge of promoting your online store and customer service - remember, we do 90% of the admin and behind the scenes work, all you need to do is get it out there!


Take our intro survey or book a call with us. Let us help you!

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